Conversations on Elder Matters

The experience of ageing is as unique as each individual and so can present both gifts and challenges throughout our lives. As we grow older, the challenges often become more prominent and confronting, and can impact our independence, family relationships, confidence, faith and general wellbeing.

As families and loved ones, we are also affected as we experience vicariously these many and complex challenges of ageing, and struggle to understand how best to promote and support wellbeing, while also reminding our loved ones of their ongoing worth and wisdom.

Do you want to know more?  Join us for two evening sessions of input, reflection and discussion led by Trish Carroll.  These conversations will provide an opportunity to discuss:

  • Our uniquely lived transitions and experiences of ageing,
  • Acknowledgment of wisdom, talents and contributions,
  • Complexities of elder care, and
  • The importance of self-care and sustenance.

Trish Carroll is a Kedron parishioner who is a Psychologist and Founder of Elder Matters – a private practice focussed on supporting individuals who are experiencing the challenges of ageing and/or life transitions.
WHEN:  Wednesday, July 13th  &  Wednesday July 20th  from  6.30-7.30pm
WHERE:  The Parish House – 134 Somerset Rd, Kedron

Please contact Sandra at the Parish Office on 33576640 or email:  if you will be attending.

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