At the Parish of St Therese & St Anthony, we strive to celebrate the Mass with reverence, dignity and enthusiasm in order to create a prayerful experience where we can worship God as a true community of believers.  We try our best to offer insightful and relevant preaching, the very best participatory music, and a beautiful worship space that reflects the seasons and feasts of the liturgical year.

Saturday Vigil  5.00pm  (Music & Choir)
Sunday             7.30am    (Music & Choir)
                           9.30am   (Music & Choir & Children’s  Liturgy)
                           5.30pm   (Music & Choir)

Monday         8.00am   (followed by Eucharistic Adoration)
Tuesday        8.00am   (followed by Rosary)
Wednesday  9.00am
Thursday       8.00am   (followed by Eucharistic Adoration)
Friday             8.00am

Saturday       4.00pm – 4.30pm      (Or call Fr Mario to arrange a time)

Welcome to our Parish community.

The current Covid requirements of the Qld Govt allow us to have increased seating capacity.

Therefore, there is no need to use TryBooking at this time.
All that you need to do is to check in at the church entrance using the Check-in Qld App (or print your details on the sign-in sheet if you cannot).  Then, just enter the church and sit where you like.

If the Covid situation changes and we need more seating capacity by using the ticketed-seating system as the Qld Govt permits, we will let you know.  This will need us to use TryBooking as we have done in the past.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and please feel free to contact me as needed on  0429 600 711.

Peace and good to you all,  Fr Mario ofm
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